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About Us

Esirji online classes was established with a purpose to make education available to all the students across a spectrum of regions and streams anywhere, anytime at the tip of their fingers. We wish to create a concept of coaching at your homes. We envision Esirji online classes to be an online platform where students from different regions, universities, colleges and streams can find content to revise their concepts without having to go to any other institute other than the college. We believe that education is not the monopoly of the few and it is the right of the many. We wish to create Esirji online classes as an online content and course delivery website through which college courses will be available to masses at a affordable cost.


  • Learning and Coaching videos for college-level subjects/courses should be available to a student at a very affordable rate.
  • Neither Coaching nor learning should be contained, we provide courses at a very cheap rate so that every student can afford.
  • Education must be the main driver and beneficiary of the Government’s initiatives for the development of our country. The IT and Digital India initiative must be used for the penetration of quality education to remove areas of our country.
  • Everyone owns a smart phone these days, we provide courses for a very minimum rate so that it can be used by students in remote areas.
  • We want education to be available to those who cannot afford high paid tuitions or online teachings.
  • When students learn, it should be both for their exams and their career.


  • To build a team of quality developers, designers and teachers to provide worldclass content.
  • To make GG a platform to coach and to mentor the degree students online in just a click away.
  • To create a platform where teachers with good knowledge and understanding of a subject can help the students with the preparation of their exams.
  • To make this a platform for learning every kind of courses and streams from various university, available for their students.
  • To make this a one-stop shop for both students and teachers.
  • To make learning affordable for all.

“It is our constant effort to build a platform which promotes the best talent in teaching and delivering the best results for the students”.


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